The 48 TIMER Festival is a culture festival for the area of Nørrebro. The aim is to strengthen the area to become even a better place, to live and visit for all Copenhageners. For a full weekend we celebrate the wierd, the personal, the geeky and untraditional initiatives, you will find at Nørrebro. The festival content is created by local initiators, artists, organisations, local businesses and residents. The events are geographically scattered across all of Nørrebro.

The 48TIMER festival was launched back in 2012 in collaboration with 40 local organizers with 6000 participants. Since, the festival has grown to 100 unique events and 10.000+ happy festival participants 2019 (pre-corona). The festival started as a municipal initiative across the various culture houses in Nørrebro. In 2021 the festival was transferred to the non-profit organization "Foreningen af Blågårds Plads". The festival is still created across the culture houses: Union, Støberiet, Osramhuset, Nørrebrohallen and the group KulturSkaberne. and of cause our team of volunteers.

In 2021 the festival takes place 14-16th of may, and we are looking forward to present all the different events raging from music, art, talks performances, and everything in between.

We would like to give a big and special thanks to all our: partners, sponsors, actors and volunteers!

We are so excited to show and celebrate our lovely Nørrebro with you!

See you in

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