Volunteer at 48Timer Festival

As a volunteer at 48TIMER festival will get the chance to participate in exciting activities across various interdisciplinary collaborations. You will become part of our great team skilled and commited volunteers. You will get a great dels of responsibility, but most importantly, we will have a lot of fun!

We will provide catering, a limited t-shirt and the most lovely people by your side. We strive to have a mentor for the different task. Meaning that you get the necessary sparring aimed at your needs and wishes. Furthermore, you get hands on experiance that can be applied to your CV. We are always happy to write a recommendation. Du får også mulighed for at få hands-on erfaring til dit CV og vi skriver meget gerne en anbefaling til dig.

If you have any questions, -don't hesitate to contact os!

Events for every taste

48 Timer Festival was created for the first time in 2012 in collaboration with 40 event makers and 6000 visitors. The festival has grown a lot since then and with the same intention – to have a program that’s full of all kinds of events that shows the cultural diversity and depth of Nørrebro. The festival have events for everyone and the goal is always to give you an experience you never forget!

We are looking forward to getting a shoot og the real Nørrebro-culture!


PR & Communication

Doing press and minor grafical tasks, video material and posts for the 48TIMER SoME channels.

Furthermore, the team contributes to creating the god vibes on street level during the festival days.


You get the responsibility for documenting the festivals different events. The photos will be used on the 48TIMER SoMe channels, and later on for maketing purposes.


Is helping during the festival, at the opening concert and at smaller events and concerts that needs and extra hand for various pratical tasks.

Technical team

Makes sure that lights and sound is available and delivered to the different events during the festival.

See you in

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